Life Aid Center

Life Aid Center

Location : Manavalnagar – Tiruvelor Dt – Tamil Nadu
Head of the association : Ravi Mohan Dos,
Person in charge on-site : Nabin Prasad Yadav,
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In a nutshell

Life Aid Center (LAC) is an Indian association working on various economic, social and educational challenges faced by rural communities in Tamil Nadu. LAC offers daily care and boarding to about 50 disabled children as well as about 100 deaf or hard of hearing children. The association also promotes access to education through tutoring centers. 


  • Evening education center for the support of children - Parameswaramangalam

    In 2018, LAC has established two evening education centers in the village of Parameswaramangalam. Due to poverty and insufficient income of some families, LAC had found that a number of children in this village were dropping out of school to help their parents with various jobs. LAC therefore felt it was necessary to motivate families and children by offering them the opportunity to continue their education in an evening education center. The association has developed several programs to improve the schooling of the children in the village. Projects include increasing awareness of the value of education, establishing education centers, health programs for children, or parent-teacher meetings.
    The two education centers provide a learning environment for village children in and out of school. Since the launch of the evening classes, about 40 children are enrolled and are learning academic subjects, sports and general knowledge. The children also receive educational materials and a glass of milk as part of nutritional measures.

    Cheyyambakkam Association finances a large part of the operation of an evening education center.

  • Pre-school and school support for deaf and hard of hearing children - Manavalnagar

    In the country, many children are born with hearing problems, representing a terrible social handicap. LAC finances the implantation of a hearing aid for the children concerned and manages a pre-school care structure aimed at integrating young children into the standard school curriculum. Children with insufficient hearing are admitted to a boarding school for children with hearing problems managed by LAC, where they finish their schooling. The boarding school offers classes adapted to the children's situation and schooling is free of charge. Specialized equipment for the children includes microphones and headphones so that the hearing impaired can hear their teachers, or a device to teach deaf children to speak through vibrations.

    Cheyyambakkam Association supports this project on an ad hoc basis by financing specific equipment such as hearing aids.

  • Support for disabled children - Manavalnagar

    The boarding school for disabled children is run by specialized teachers and an osteopath. The aim of the center is to teach the residents simple everyday gestures which, once they have assimilated the basic knowledge, allow them to return home.

    Cheyyambakkam Association supports this project on an ad hoc basis by financing specific equipment such as physiotherapy equipment.