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Becoming a sponsor means offering access to education to children in need

CHF 20.- /months are sufficient to finance the average cost of a child's schooling.

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Among the first actions carried out in 1991 in the village of Cheyyambakkam, school sponsorships were quickly set up to give the most disadvantaged children access to a semi-private school, located in the neighbouring village of Kilacheri.

Several hundred children have been successfully sponsored in their education and training over the years. Most have found employment commensurate with their level of education, with an income that allows them to start a family, live decently and break out of poverty.

Over the years, sponsorships have expanded to support children in the neighbouring villages of Karanai, Metumanagar and Pilliarkupam, encompassing more than hundred sponsored children.

In the same vein, we committed in 2018 to support the children of the village of Fathimapuram, which is located next to Kilacheri.


Cheyyambakkam Association supports APARA in the school sponsorship of children in the above-mentioned villages and aims to:

  • Enable as many disadvantaged children as possible in the Cheyambakkam region to study in a school renowned for the quality of its education and to continue their academic and vocational training;
  • and provide these children with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to find decent work.

This action is complemented by the establishment of supervised lesson centres in the villages of the sponsored children, where they can do their homework under appropriate conditions, with the support of a teacher


Becoming a sponsor means helping us to finance the schooling of many children. It also means making a moral commitment by making a regular contribution.

By becoming a sponsor:

  • You agree to pay CHF 20 per month or CHF 240 per year;
  • You automatically become a member of our Association;
  • You receive twice a year the newsletter presenting the progress of ongoing projects, including sponsorships, new projects and news from the Association.

To find out more, read our "sponsorships" flyer (fr) and commit yourself by contacting us, or by using the online form