Modalities of project support

Collaboration with the NGOs we support is based on a bond of trust that has been built up with local leaders over the course of our contacts and visits, based on the achievement of common objectives. This collaboration is also based on a clear framework that sets out the modalities of support for a project and thus allows both parties to work in transparency and reciprocity, on the basis of human, rich and constructive relationships. This framework is as follows:

The NGOs propose a project to the Committee for a period of approximately 1 year, containing information on the beneficiaries and the changes that the project will bring about. The Committee of Cheyyambakkam Association validates all or part of the project.
The NGOs send the Committee an annual report containing a summary of the actions carried out and their impacts, the amounts spent, illustrative photos, detailed accounts.
The Committee will only validate a new project or the continuation of the same project if the report is complete, the information is given on a regular basis and the results correspond to Cheyyambakkam Association's objectives