Education for children

Education for children

Obtaining quality education is an essential foundation for improving people's lives, promoting socio-economic mobility and sustainable development. Indeed, access to quality education helps to break the cycle of poverty, reduce inequalities and achieve gender equality. 

Since our creation, we have been committed, in collaboration with our partners, to ensure access to quality education for children in the Cheyyambakkam region and to improve their personal and professional opportunities. 

Our commitment is multi-faceted: 

- Tutoring: we support families in need by paying for semi-private or private schools, children's uniforms and school materials. 

- Extracurricular support: in order to ensure that schooling runs smoothly, we support the establishment of supervised lesson centers. These centers allow children to do their homework in good conditions and to benefit from professional supervision. Awareness-raising activities on the importance of education are also carried out in the villages supported. 

In order to finance this model of educational support, we have set up a sponsorship system.

Over the years, we have been able to observe that a large proportion of the people who have benefited from academic and extracurricular support have a better professional, social and financial situation.  

New tutoring project in Fathimapuram - fundraising!

We are currently looking for funds for our tutoring project in the village of Fathimapuram. Please contact us for more information.